Windows phone support will be dropped

We are sorry to inform you that we will drop our support for Windows phone/mobile. Its sad and hard decision but currently we don’t see much other choices. We will explain why we are going to drop support for windows phone.

First, we love the platform but because of Microsoft is not anymore interested about it and don’t give it new features what example fall creators update brings to Windows 10 desktop version we can’t give all same features to mobile.

Second, we have been facing issues to get packages to develop mobile platform. We haven’t been able to test our software on our windows phone because windows update couldn’t find packages for it.

Third is that if we decide to build application for Windows Mobile we will face issue when mobile and pc version doesn’t support same application features. This is because when Microsoft releases new big updates. Like fall creators update or Aprils update it will bring new stuff to UWP also. We won’t be able to get all those new features in Windows mobile.

Lastly, we could develop application for windows mobile, but it would now require two separated versions if we want to add some new features to desktop version. Then we would have to up keep two different versions and that situation is not good for us. This would cause more costs and would take more time with little benefit. Because all these reasons we have decided to drop our support to windows mobile.