What I have been working on?

I started sometime a go to make new application for Universal Windows platform. Application what I am doing is text editor. It is designed to work on Windows PCs, tablets, Xbox and Windows Mobile 10. Yes, you read correct. I support still windows mobile platform even if Microsoft has confirmed that it doesn’t add any new features. My application is going to closed beta and I will not tell much about it yet. I can say that it`s more advanced than notepad but less advanced than Microsoft Word. But. You can edit same files with Microsoft Word.

Why I continue supporting Windows Mobile platform?

Answer is simple. I don’t have any reason to stop support for it. Of course, it will take more time to develop application but luckily, it’s easy and fast to get your application work in mobile. Only UI can cause more problems but usually nothing overwhelming.

Why I haven’t made any YouTube videos?

Simple has not had a lot of time to do it and when I could have time, then it’s hard to record without disturbances. I have been working on channel presentation video a while now. It’s lacks voice recordings and final edits. It will not be amazing, but video should do its job well. The goal would also be to make the videos bilingual. So, in English and in Finnish, but it’s the goal will not be realized in the near future.

Feature plans

I am planning to rebuild Daily Simple Checklist on next year. Because I made that application using JavaScript and it causes to me couple of issues. Biggest is that I can save data to file example. So, I am going to use C# to rebuild it. Not sure when it’s going to happen but follow me on this website or companies social accounts and you will get latest information!