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Universal Writer premium release and dev blog

After long development I finally were able to release Universal Writer Forth major update to my most popular application. This post is a bit late and I know it and will explain about it bit.

I started developing Universal Writer premium version maybe 4-5 months a go. I made major changes to user interface and added many powerful features to Universal Writer.

Here is full list of features what I have added to premium version

  • Added store page and paid version
  • Add hyperlinks (paid feature)
  • Add, delete, images (paid feature)
  • Add and control comments (paid feature)
  • User interface improvements
  • Added Find button
  • Increased font size limit (paid feature)
  • Added 26 new font colors (paid feature)

If you want see full list of changes you can check them from here

Premium version is available for 2.99€ one time purchase. So you will not need to pay any monthly or yearly payments. Price can changes as development continues.

new premium functionalities
This image is about new section which contains most of new features

Why so buggy launch?

So if some of you had huge crash problems beginning of release then this is related to you. When I launched Universal Writer 1.4.x.x I found out that It had problem with Windows 10 1803. All those problems were caused that Windows 10 1803 didn’t support one feature and that caused all those launch crashes. That bug passed my testing because all of my pc’s are running Windows 10 1903 so I didn’t notice that. This is also why this dev post is a bit late because I wanted to make sure that application is stable before I release this. Currently all of this issues are fixed and update has been available about a week.

Why free version has ads now?

This was hard decision to make but yes I added one small ad to Universal Writer. Reason why I added ad and one reason why launch was buggy is because I had bit of rush. I had rush because company money were running out of funds. Main reason why I have ad in Universal Writer is to increase revenue a bit and if you don’t like ads you can disable them by buying premium fro 2.99€. If you do I will be very grateful and will thank you for supporting the company!

How stable is Universal Writer now?

I advertise our software as stable because usually they are and they are constantly improving. Currently 97.3% of all sessions are crash free. So if 100 users uses app maybe two or three may face some kind of crash. I think that is pretty high percent of crash free sessions and some “crashes” are not noticeable by users because in one special case when you close application normally it will report it as crash.

Thanks for all those customers who have already bought Universal Writer! If haven’t downloaded Universal Writer yet but you would like to try out then you can click link below to download it

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