Universal Writer has been released!

After a long work we have completed Universal Writer! We already talked about it in our blog: What I have been working on?

Universal Writer

Universal Writer is a new type of text editing program. It has a modern user interface that is easy to use. Universal Writer is an application that has features from Notepad and Wordpad. You can easily create text files or Rtf files that allow you to edit richer text. You can stylize different font colors and align text if you save as Rtf files.

We made the interface as easy as possible and if needed, we also have a manual included with the application. From the user interface, you can easily find all the text editing features, and if you hover over a feature on the mouse, you will see a small text that shows the feature name. From the top left you will find a search feature where you can search for different words or characters. Similarly, in the lower left corner there is a word counter that keeps you up to date with your word count. The left is a navigation menu that you can minimize if necessary. It will also automatically minimize itself when needed.

The first navigation is Home, which is the main view of the application. The home view of the first tool on the line has text editing tools such as alignment, lists, bold, italic, underline, and font colors. The second navigation line is all about font size and font family. The third line has all the storage related features as well as the feedback center link and the search function. The fourth line have contact us button. When you press it, a form will open and you can send email to us with it. We serve in English and Finnish. From the settings, you can link to our Privacy Statement, as well as change the color of the app theme.

We listen to customers’ wishes and we have developed an application with testers from whom we have received valuable feedback. You are able to send feedback and development ideas through feedback center that we are actively following. We will try to answer as many customers as possible and if there is any feature that you think is missing, then you should put that feedback through the feedback center. At that time, the community can vote it higher if needed, so we would know what our customers want, which again allows better experience on both sides and we know what we need to develop on the basis of customer feedback.

There are not any ads in the app, and we’ve set up access rights to the minimum you just have. The application is available from the Microsoft Store. We offer a free trial for 24 hours. You can then fully test all features of the app. The application costs 1.39 € and you can download / buy it from the link below

English badge

Thanks to all the testers!