Universal – Writer File handling

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You can find Save button in ”File and Printing” section or just pressing CTRL + S . If you have opened file, it will save it to same location with same file type.

Save as

You can save file location where you want and choose file type. Currently we support docx, doc, htm, html, rtf and txt files.


Open button is located aside of save button. By pressing it you can open your files (docx, doc, rtf, htm, html and txt files).

New file

New file button is next to open button. Before its creates new file and asks user to save current file yes/no or cancel.

Open file in file explorer

If you want use this feature directly then you need do couple of steps.

Step 1

Attention! If you have done this before then there is no need for this. In this picture we see couple of choices. Firstly we have to right click a file what we want to open. If you want open it only once in Universal Writer then click ”Open with” and ”Universal Writer”. If you would like to open file next time only clicking it once then choose ”Open with” and ”Choose another app”.

Step 2

Here you select Universal Writer and click ”Always use this app to open (file type) files”. Now you should have Universal Writer selected and checkbox checked then press ”OK”. Now you should be able to open your file only clicking it once. So next time you don’t have to make same process with same file type.