Universal Writer – Basic text editing

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Font size

You have multiple font sizes. We had added all font sizes from 8 to 72. You can change your text size by choosing size in dropdown. If you want small part of text be in different size, you can highlight it and then choose correct size from dropdown.

Font family

Currently we have 27 different fonts. Like font size you can choose font my selecting it in dropdown menu. You can also highlight text first and then choose font family. Then it will change only text what you have highlighted.

Font decrease

With font decrease you can decrease font size. Font minimum size is 4 so you can’t get below that. You will also notice that font size dropdown changes at same time when you are decreasing font size.

Font increase

With font increase you can increase font size. Font maximum size is currently 72. You can’t go above that currently. Notice that font size dropdown value will change when you press font increase button.

Align left, Align center, Align right

Will align text to selected direction.

Ordered list

When pressing this button application can create ordered list.

Bullet list

When pressing this button application can create bullet list.

Font colour

You can change selected font colour or set new font colour. We have currently 9 different colours available.


By pressing Bold button, you can make your text Bold. Example: Sample text


By pressing Italic button, you can make your text Italic. Example: Sample text


By pressing Underline button, you can underline your test. Example: Sample text