Universal Writer – Add images, tables, hyperlinks or comments

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Notice: All of these features are not available in free version.

How to add image?

When you open Universal Writer you will see three different sections. Start, Insert and File and Printing. Click ”Insert” section and first button on the left is add Image button. It also contains small text below of it as hint.

How to add table?

If you select ”Insert” section and look at second button on the left you will find add table button. When you press it little pop up will open and it will ask how many columns and rows you would like to add. Default is 1 and 1.

How to insert hyperlink?

In insert section it is third button on the top left. When you click it dialog will open and it will ask you to give correct url address.

How to add comments?

After insert hyperlink button there is many buttons related to comments. Second button after insert hyperlink is ”New comment”. You can add new comment by pressing that button. You can also highlight text first and then add new comment. Then it would be more clearer where comment is related.