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Fast, stable, and modern looking document writer software. Open, edit, print, save Word files. Universal Writer can do all of that.

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Open, edit, print, save Word files. Universal Writer can do all of that. The new and easy-to-use interface delivers all the traditional word processing features like versatile text editing, adding images and resizing them, adding tables and comments.

Why buy Universal Writer?

It's a affordable option for rich text editing and opening Word files. We listen to our customers' wishes and feedback. Thanks to customer feedback, we have received good development ideas. At the request of our customers, we have added certain features and new bugs have been fixed. In addition, we provide customer service in Finnish and English.

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Add comments to your document

Supports two themes. Light and Dark.


Rich editing tools

You can create docx, doc, htm, html, rtf files that allow you to edit richer text or just a simple txt file. The app has all the most common text editing tools and we support 28 different fonts. The application contains a free manual. You can add pictures, tables, hyperlinks and comments.

Smart backup and autosave

Universal Writer has smart backup feature what saves your work if you encounter unexpected crash while working. When crash happens and error message pops up Universal Writer will save your file in background to under your Documents fodler. Auto save will save your work automatically every 5 minutes. To make autosave work file most be saved once manually or open already existing file.

All features
Save, open, and create txt, rtf, docx, doc, htm, html files
The most common font styles and text editing possibilities
Smart backup when crashing
Automatic saving in background
Font size 8 to 194
28 different fonts
40 Font colours
Indents (left and right)
Add hyperlinks
Add images
Add, delete, and control tables
Add text highlight
Add, show, and delete comments
WWW and printing layouts

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