Privacy policy


Karelia Studio is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. We protect our customers’ visits by using an encrypted connection (https), anonymization and pseudonymization (For example, the IP addresses we collect are in the range of 192.x.x.x because we only collect first part of ip). We offer effective ways to manage our data processing. You can even disconnect it completely and we respect the users’ Do not track settings in browsers. Below, we talk more about how we process our customers data.

Who we are and the registrar

We are a Finnish software company that focuses on Windows applications. The registry administrator is the same company.

Karelia Studio tmi (2720916-2)

Our website address is:

What personal information we collect and why

When you visit our site, we collect information about how you use our site. For example, we collect:

  • Which device you use when visiting our page (computer or mobile device)
  • Which way you’ve come to our site (search engine or Instagram, for example)
  • What language you are using in your browser
  • Your screen resolution and operating system
  • What browser are you using
  • Part of ip address (only first part before point)
  • System log files that contain the IP address. Files containing the IP address will be automatically removed from our system within about 14 days.

We collect the above information so that we know how users use our site, which device and where our users are from. With this information, we can optimize user experience better and provide more content in their own language. We collect system logs for security reasons.

We use following cookies

Cookies which begins with some of these pk_id, _pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_ses

There are all cookies created by the matomo. These cookies help us gather data about how long you are on our site and on what pages you visit. So, for example, are you just on the front page and leaving after that or are you also looking at our contact information. The cookie expires every month.



We use a free and open source visitor tracking program which is similar to Google Analytics but much safer. Matomo (before Piwik) also makes the user anonymous. This way we also ensure that no third party is on our site with their cookies. Thanks to Matomo, all data will remain with us and will not be disclosed to third parties. Read more about Matomo at the following link: Matomo

If you want opt-out you can do it below

To whom we share your information

We keep all the information we collect ourselves, so all the areas where you visit our home page will stay with us. Actually, we cannot associate data with any person.

How long do we store the information?

Cookies are aging themselves. _pk_id, _pk_ses cookies per month. The analysis we collect from visitors is stored in our system for at least a year (NOTE: This data cannot be combined with the user!).

Where we will send your information

We keep your information to ourselves and are not sent anywhere. Your data will be stored in the Helsinki data center.


Privacy related issues you can send email to

Windows applications

We don’t collect any data about application usage by ourself. Our apps collect's automatically some data what application store provider provides us (Microsoft, Apple, Google). Some applications can handle personal information. We will explain below why we need to get access to the application and what application it is about.

Universal Writer

Documents (device folders and files)

Because of the functionality of the application, we need access to device folders and files. This allows a user to save a document created with Universal Writer on their own computer to the location where the user wants them. We do not process or collect this information. The idea of the app is to give the user the freedom to save the file he wants, which is why we need the rights to folders and files.

What we do with your email address when you buy something from us?

We will ask email from you when you are ordering so we can send email to your email address where serial key is (just in case if browser or tab closes). We will store email and serial key to our database. Because of that we can identify activiations and help customers in case of problem. Any emails stored to our database or not used to any marketing and they are not sold to any third parties.