Plans for 2019 and important announcement

I have some plans for 2019 and some stuff will be exiting to our customers. I will also share some core numbers about our software and little bit sad news for updates to our applications.

Core numbers

Let’s start by talking about our company numbers. Both our applications have now over 1000 downloads. Daily Simple Checklist is much older, but it has been updated lately regularly. Our current “flagship” application Universal Writer launched 19.07.2018 and its already have passed over 1000 downloads. Currently our software business is not profitable as you can expect with these numbers, but we are working on it. This application development is still my side job, so I am not doing this as my daily job. If I would then situation would be completely different. But we are growing slowly still. Overall, I am happy to our grow rate.

Moving away from ad focused business model

Yes, you read right! In this year we try to move away from ad focused business model. Goal is to make both application to freemium. With freemium we could offer ad free limited version of application. Then we would have something like “premium” version which could unlock some or all features. We are excited about this and believe that it is right thing to do. One reason why we have decided but ads away is that some of our customers have not liked our ads which is completely understandable. We will tell you more about our freemium plans later.

Updates will be smaller or delayed at least one or two months

This is sad news for all of you I know but I got good reason for this. I will start military service in Finland. You can read more about it here:Conscription in Finland. I will be there at least 6 months. I am not 100% sure how well I can provide updates to our applications from there, but I will try my best. I only know that in this month I can’t do much content for updates.

So, as you can see, I have some great plans for this year but also some sad news. I try to keep you updated about situation. I will also try my best to making updates and improving our applications. Thanks for all our customers who have supported us lately 😊