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Focusing what makes Notepad app great. Giving new features to user which makes making notes easier than before

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Modern and good looking UI
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Always on top feature in action
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Auto save option in settings
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UI when using free version of the app

Supports two themes. Light and Dark.

Supports every Windows 10* and 11 devices

We support all architectures x86, x64 and ARM

Why I should download Notepadify when I have already Microsoft Notepad?

That's good question! Both app offers unique and similar functionalities. Notepadify focuses general note taking and file editing and have few features what Microsoft Notes does not have. Such features are "always on top" view and auto save as example.


Always on top

This feature allows Notepadify stay always easily accessible. If you scroll internet or have other applications open "Always on top" feature will keep Notepadify window top of everything. This way you can easily add notes without worrying that you would need to resize windows all the time or bring app back up all the time.

Automatic saving

Notepadify has built in optional auto save feature. This is one example where Notepadify differences from Microsoft Notepad. auto save file work after you have saved file once yourself or if you are editing already existing file. It will save every 1 min if there has been more than few character change. This is optional feature so it can be disabled from settings.

Quick toolbar

Helps you to find easily some basic text editing tools. Tools like cut, copy, paste and bold, italic and underline

You can download Notepadify for free, but some features are locked behind premium version. You can upgrade to premium anytime by opening shop inside of Notepadify

All features

Feature Free Paid (0.99€)
Supports .html, .csv, .dat, .db, .log, .mdb, .sql, .xml, .py, .asp, .aspx, .cfm, .cgi, .pl, .css, .htm, .js, .jsp, .part, .php, .rss, .xthtml, .c, .class, .cpp, .cs, .java, .sh, .vb, .h, .txt files X X
Cut, copy and paste in toolbar X X
Bold, italic and underline in toolbar X X
Light and Dark theme X X
Easy find/replace view X X
Supports Finnish, English and Swedish x X
Always on top view - X
Auto save - X

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* Minimum supported Windows 10 version is 1903