Future of Daily Simple Checklist


What i am going to do with Daily Simple Checklist? In last blog post i talked about complete redesign UI. I tried it and didn’t find any good solutions. Also currently application don’t fit to normal UWP apps at all. So what now?

I have decided to completely remake Daily Simple Checklist. I will make whole application again using C#. It will take a lot of time but it will be worth it.

What benefits to remake application?

Here is couple of reasons why its totally worth it

  • Fluent Design system
  • More features
  • More pages with info pages, settings etc
  • Much more features can be done than before
  • More Windows like layout

Of course all of this don’t be done immediately but i believe it is right direction.

We of course provide bug fixing updates when needed but in following months Daily Simple Checklist will have less feature updates than before.

– Mika