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Development changes in our applications

After Universal Writer saving related bug, I promised changes to my software testing. Bug itself caused unwanted data loose to some customers and I apologize it. In this blog post I will tell some major changes what I have done in our application development process.

Feature updates less often and more focus to bug fixing

Yes, I am not going to release feature releases every month beginning on 03.05.2019. Before I did feature updates even monthly and sometimes skipped one month. Now I changed our monthly update policy. Now on I am going to release bug fixes and general fixes every month as before but feature updates will come once in 2-3 months. So, we will see some feature updates in this year, but they are bigger than regular feature updates. This applies to both of my applications.

Much more testing

Reason why we will release bug updates once in 2-3 months is that I can get enough time to test those releases so we can avoid biggest bugs. Remember that I am not doing this daily this is more like another job next to my daily job. Also, I will try to get others to test updates first before I release it publicly. It’s important that other people will test also my apps because they use them differently than I.

Changes have already made impact

Our update policy changes what I said above have already impacted our software development. After latest Universal Writer release I have been trying to fix all bugs what I have find and at least to prevent them to crash application or fixed them completely. I have couple of bug examples down below which are my main priorities to fix

1. Does bug crash application with out saving data?

This is kind of obvious that this is would be big bug and these kinds of bugs are my top priority.

2. Does bug cause unwanted reaction?

I have pretty new example about this kind of bug. Currently in Universal Writer if you have two different size of fonts and select both. Then you try to press “increase font size” button and font size goes extra small and start growing slowly. Firstly, I try to prevent this kind of action if there is work around available. If I have enough time, then I would fix bug completely to next update, but main goal is to prevent that application would cause unwanted action.

Our software stability

This might be interesting to some customers. I will tell you bit of statistic about our softwares stability. Overall Daily Simple Checklist is more stable and there is couple of reasons for that. First it is much simpler application and smaller. It doesn’t have so many features compared to Universal Writer. Second is that Daily Simple Checklist is much less popular than Universal Writer. Usually it will have 75% less downloads and active users than Universal Writer.

Here is our crash and freeze data about Universal Writer latest versions.
109 83

Our update has been cutting our crashes and freezes almost 25% in couple of weeks. So, our bug fix updates have made big impact to our customer experience and we are going to keep that decreasing.