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Daily Simple Checklist about next big update

Note: what you see is still work in progress

I am working hard to update Daily Simple Checklist to more modern view. Whole application is completely rewrited to new look. Current version is coming end of life soon and I didn’t want ditch whole product away. Above version of Daily Simple Checklist is made completely written with C# and it is UWP app which supports many great Windows 10 features. There is still a some of work to be done. Specially to make UI working like expected. Planned release is scheduled to 5.10 or 10.10. We will also make notification to current app version when new version is coming out. Unfortunately update most likely will not be backwards compatible. So now you have been warned! But let’s talk about the new app version instead.

Main new features for application is following:

  • Deleting Single item
  • Deleting multiple items. Deletes all selected
  • Possible to set reminder
  • New settings view
  • All tasks is saved to your machine so it is in offline compatible
  • Supports multiple languages (English and Finnish)


Below you will see some features in action

After next update you will have new view for adding tasks. Its working pretty much same as in preview version.

Below you see deleting tasks in action. First there is gif image for deleting single image and in second gif is about deleting multiple tasks.

Then one of our biggest new feature (UI needs little bit work still) is notifications! Press reminder and you will have dialog where you can choose when you want application to remind you about your tasks.

Currently reminder notification looks something like this

We will provide also monthly updates to this application. We will keep you up to date when application version will be released. Because we work hard with this update and want it as soon as possible we will delay Universal Writer latest coming update. New schedule for Universal Writer update is 3.10.2018. PS. Its related to printing 😉