Help you to be more productive

Our goal is to create apps that helps you to be more productive and create more.

Currently our apps have over 13 000 downloads (from Microsoft Store only)

Who we are and what we do?

Karelia Studio is one person's indie app company and it's located in Finland. We develop apps for pc and for the mobile. Our goal is provide apps that help you to be more productive and create more. Currently we have one app in Microsoft Store but we are planning to expand to iOS in this year.

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Universal Writer

Platfrom support: Windows 10

Open, edit, print, save Word files. Universal Writer can do all of that.

The new and easy-to-use interface delivers all the traditional word processing features like versatile text editing, adding images and resizing them, adding tables and comments. The free version of the application covers all the basic text editing needs and the paid version opens a significant number of new features such as adding and managing images, tables, comments read more